Umbilical Cords

In cooperation with our partners, we now offer umbilical cords as an upgrade for electronics manufacturers including Exogal and Modwright Instruments, with more to come.

These cable products are intended for high-end audio electronics such as digital to analog converters, preamplifiers and phono stages, that feature separate power supplies in a second chassis.  (Separate chassis improves the signal to noise ratio.) 

These WyWires umbilical cords are designed in conjunction with each manufacturer and are thus “custom” for their products, and are an upgrade to the standard provided cord.  Areas of sonic improvement include better detail retrieval, improved dynamics, better stereo imaging and focus, and better frequency extension. 

“The umbilical has arrived, I have installed it, and it’s superb! Instantaneous change, easily discerned improvements across the board. Especially exciting is the depth and cleanness of the bass. Highs have become more gentle, with extended decay. My assessment, and it did not take long to hear, is that the upgrade umbilical is a necessity for owners of the Comet. I plan to recommend it unreservedly.” 

Exogal Umbilical
$199 for 4-foot umbilical cord, intended for the Exogal Comet DAC power supply.
Available from WyWires and any WyWires dealer

Modwright Umbilical
$350 for 4-foot umbilical cord, for modified Oppo and Sony CD Players.
Available from Modwright Instruments or any Modwright dealer.
Information and purchase here

Daedalus Isolation Devices


These footers from Daedalus Audio are made from aluminum casings, solid cherry inserts, brass cores and hardened steel ball bearings; you will be delighted with the results. At WyWires, we have them in our reference system under most of our components.  Results?  Much better stereo imaging, more air around instruments, and a more exciting musical presentation overall. It all comes down to resonance control, a principle that Daedalus designer Lou Hinkley values.

Introductory Price:  $160 each

Headphone cable extensions and adaptors

Please see details on the Red Series page.