This now well-known headphone cable provides an immediate upgrade from stock headphone cables, for high-quality headphones.  Works with any mid- to high-grade headphone with detachable connectors.

RED Series’ physical design was engineered to provide optimum weight, flex and texture for comfortable, tangle-free use. Free of excessive mass and unnecessary materials, our RED Series cables provide the headphone user with a sonic upgrade without adversely affecting established ergonomics.

Red Series highlights:
All-new design created exclusively for reference headphones
Hand-crafted in the USA
Up to 4x the conductivity of stock cables without adding unwanted mass
Reduces capacitance that causes time-delay smearing and transient masking
Reduces signal cross-talk for a deep, immersive soundstage for all music genres

Red Series Adaptors will work with virtually any headphone with detachable cables and any amplifier, DAC, DAP, iPhone, iPod…the list is long.  If we can source the connectors we can accommodate our customers’ needs.  Our extension cable gives you tremendous flexibility (literally!) and freedom.

IEM Cables:  to come in 2016

Latest Reviews and Comments:

Communities such as, and other personal audio sites and blogs feature user and professional comments, as well as which headphones, amplifiers, DAPs, DACs people are using with our Red Series products.


Where to BUy Request a Consultation


Headphone Cables:
Terminates to common source connectors: ¼”, ⅛”, dual 3-pin XLR, balanced 4-pin XLR
Standard 5 foot cable with additional lengths & extensions available upon request
Available with connections for all Mr. Speakers models, Audeze LCD-2, LCD-3, LCD-X, LCD-XC, Sennheiser HD580, HD600, HD650, HD700, HD800, HiFiMAN HE-4, HE-6, HE-300, HE-400, HE-500 – many more to come.

All above connectors available for Adaptors, in various combinations


Headphone Cables:
$299 USD 5 foot length  (additional lengths are charge at $35 per foot)

Note:  Sennheiser HD 700 and 800 models are charged at $349 (due to higher cost of proprietary plugs)

$100 for 8 inch headphone cable-to-amplifier adaptor (any headphone cable used with any amplifier, DAP, DAC, Apple music product, Pono, etc)
$100 for 4 inch headphone-to-headphone cable adaptor (allows use of multiple headphones with one cable)
$300 for 10 foot extension cable, for any headphone cable (extends length of any headphone cable)

What are Silver, Blue, Platinum, Gold?

Purchase & Return Policy

WyWires offers a 30-day money back guarantee for all of our products, when you buy directly from us.  When you consider buying a WyWires product a formal consultation is conducted, via phone or email, to ensure that the cables are right for your system and will provide the benefits that you seek. In addition, WyWires dealers may provide loaner cables for you to audition in your system.

Please remember that WyWires products are hand-made and customized to your system and specifications. Please review your system carefully, and measure your cable lengths 2 times. Note that pricing is dependent on options such as connectors and cable length.

WyWires products are fully warrantied against manufacturing defects for five years (one year for Red Series Headphone cables.)  The warranty is transferable as long as the Certificate of Authenticity accompanies the product that is returned for repair or replacement.