WyWires RED, Silver, Blue, Platinum, Diamond

WyWires Audio Cables are available in many levels of value, including Blue, Silver, Platinum, Diamond. We guarantee great value at any price.

WyWires RED Series

RED Series is our line for the personal listening market, including headphones cables, extension cables and adaptors. RED cables are compatible with a large variety of headphone and amplifier options. We configured a new Litz wire formula specifically for personal listening, and the cable is designed to be flexible, lightweight, durable and non-microphonic. RED is also our thinnest cable line to date, in keeping with our less-is-more philosophy. RED is identified by a red body, with white pigtails that connect to the headphone.

WyWires Diamond

Diamond is the newest cable in our lineup, our luxury aesthetic line of cables. Diamonds have a brand new internal configuration, taking all that we have learned to create a new concept in Litz wire air dielectric design. Diamond cables contain a complex combination of different conductor and dielectric materials, optimized to provide a neutral and well-balanced tone, along with detail retrieval that goes beyond what we’ve been able to do in the past. Additionally, we have achieved a superior level of transparency and dynamics for the ultimate music enjoyment experience. Identified by a subtle sheen on black, with carbon fiber tubing on either end.  A discreet etched black medallion that moves along the cable allows the owner to slip WyWires branding out of sight.

WyWires Platinum

Platinum was introduced in 2014, a series that takes most of the elements of the original Silver and adds additional conductor material of varying gauges of Litz wire to accomplish the goals of higher bandwidth and greater frequency extension especially at the low end of the spectrum with increased dynamic range and “slam”.  In addition, the Platinum adds greater dimensional information along with more separation of instruments and performers within the soundstage. Identified by brilliant white outer sheathing/thin gray banding.

WyWires Silver

Silver series is the classic line that started our revolution in air dielectric, Litz wire design. The Silver line embodies our design philosophy of ”less is more,” yielding unprecedented electrical and sonic performance.  Identified by gray/silver outer sheathing.

WyWires Blue

Blue series offers an economical product line with WyWires’ committment to great value.  Blue Series cables offer much of the performance attributes as the Silver albeit in a simplified and less luxurious offering, at entry level pricing. Identified by royal blue label and black sheathing.

More on the differences between our cables lines in FAQs