Utilizing our Litz wire, air dielectric technology, our speaker cables are engineered to preserve the output of any amplifier to any speaker regardless of the speakers’ load difficulties. Like our other cables, the speaker cables are neutral with very high bandwidth that will preserve the nuances and tonal palette present in advanced loudspeaker and amplifier designs where usable output can exceed 50KHz. Speaker cables are available in single, double and triple wire configurations and can be fitted with spade lugs and or banana plugs.

Diamond Series Speaker Cables (shown above)

Diamond Series Speaker Cables, The Absolute Sound review by Neil Gader


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Speaker Cables – 8 ft standard length (2.46 meters)
Capacitance: 8.5 pF ((per foot at a frequency of 10 kHz)
Speaker 1 Single wire speaker cable
Speaker 2 Bi wire speaker cable


Diamond Priced from $7999  New! Shown Above
Silver Priced from $1399
Platinum from $2759
Blue Priced from $599

Above prices are for products sold in the US only. Prices outside the US are higher, and subject to taxes and duties depending on the country of sale.


What are Silver, Blue, Platinum, Gold?

Purchase & Return Policy

WyWires offers a 30-day money back guarantee for all of our products, when you buy directly from us.  When you consider buying a WyWires product a formal consultation is conducted, via phone or email, to ensure that the cables are right for your system and will provide the benefits that you seek. In addition, WyWires dealers may provide loaner cables for you to audition in your system.

Please remember that WyWires products are hand-made and customized to your system and specifications. Please review your system carefully, and measure your cable lengths 2 times. Note that pricing is dependent on options such as connectors and cable length.

WyWires products are fully warrantied against manufacturing defects for five years (one year for Red Series Headphone cables.)  The warranty is transferable as long as the Certificate of Authenticity accompanies the product that is returned for repair or replacement.