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Built for your system, for your music. Audio cables designed, manufactured and hand-crafted in the USA.

Bigger, Better Sound

Bigger soundstage, more definition, natural and revealing. Our cables make a big difference.


Provocative Review of CanJam from Part-Time Audiophile

“It sounds a little dirty. Illicit, maybe. Sneaky, certainly.” In reference to Modwright’s new Tryst Headphone amp, and highlighting WyWires new Platinum.  Full CanJam SoCal 2016 post here, plenty of pics.…

Platinum Headphone Cables Debut @ CanJam OC

Our Platinum headphone cable is over the top awesome!  Could it get any better than our RED Series cable upgrade from stock?  Yes.  Email Alex for pricing and more info…

WyWires Digital Audio Cables

Are you “jitter-y”? Our digital audio cables resolve the errors in transmitting ones and zeros as these signals transform into analog for listening. Stay tuned for our white paper on the upgrade from standard to spectacular…



WyWires came into existence after 8 years of research and empirical testing. Over this period of time we became determined to set conventional wisdom on its ear and try something that no one else has tried. While we do rely on solid science and electrical engineering principles, our designs are something very unique where less is more. Our counter intuitive approach has given us something to be proud of and our customers think so too.

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Dealer Highlight

Smart Audio Electronics

Our newest dealer, and our first in Dubai. Mazan and his team carry a huge variety of performance and price points. Audeze, WyWires, Sennheiser, Woo Audio, HiFiMan among the high profile brands at Smart Audio. Connect

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Customer Highlight

Red Headphone Cable user:
wanted to let you know that right out of the box I’ve heard a significant difference that I know from past experience will only get better with time…Lower registers are more detailed and still breaking …

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