Want more music?

So do we. That’s why we created WyWires. We’re committed to giving you the best possible music experience.

Handmade Hi-fi

Built for your system, personalized for your music tastes, crafted entirely by hand in the USA.

Bigger, Better Sound

More definition, bigger soundstage, truer realism.  Our cables make a big difference, see what they’re saying.


Rocky Mountain AudioFest Coverage

Our friends from Part-Time Audiophile gave us nice pat on the back for the Zesto/WyWires/TAD room we had; DIAMOND Series cables debuted here…

Darko reviews Red Series with Alpha Dogs

Fresh from Australia, Digital Audio Review’s John Darko pairs Red HP cables with Mr. Speakers’ Alpha Dog cans. “One thing that’s a definite is a smoother, creamier treble.” Removing the Grain, Part 1.



Wywires came into existence after 8 years of research an empirical testing. Over this period of time we became determined to set conventional wisdom on its ear and try something that no one else has tried. While we do rely on solid science and electrical engineering principles, our designs are something very unique where less is more. Our counter intuitive approach has given us something to be proud of and our customers think so too.

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Dealer Highlight

AV Designs, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

WyWires is proud to be the primary custom cable supplier for AV Designs in the Malaysia and Singapore regions. We keep company with TAD, Bryston and other luxury brands.…

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Customer Highlight

Red Headphone Cable user:
ad the opportunity to compare it to some $6,000-$15,000 systems and it’s consistently held it’s own, and in one or two cases, exceeded them.


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TAS Product of the Year Award

Positive-Feedback.com Brutus Award

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