Want more music?

So do we. That’s why we created WyWires. We’re committed to giving you the best possible music experience.

Handmade Hi-fi

Built for your system, personalized for your music tastes, crafted entirely by hand in the USA.

Bigger, Better Sound

More definition, bigger soundstage, truer realism.  Our cables make a big difference, see what they’re saying.


AudeZe WyWires Validation Program

We were dismayed to hear of the break-in at AudeZe offices this past week. For the next 12 months, purchase any WyWires Red Series HP cables compatible with Audezes, provide your serial number, and point of sale.…

Editor’s Choice Award 2015

We are happy to announce our newest award for WyWires Blue Series Cables!  Read the Review by Neil Gader in the Annual Guide to Cables

CES Recap

WyWires was pleased to show in two rooms at The Venetian Hotel, with MSB Technologies and Voce Audio  (Suite 29-112) and with Calyx Audio (Suite 30-327) with Red Series Headphone Cables.  The Venetian, at least, was drone-free.…



WyWires came into existence after 8 years of research and empirical testing. Over this period of time we became determined to set conventional wisdom on its ear and try something that no one else has tried. While we do rely on solid science and electrical engineering principles, our designs are something very unique where less is more. Our counter intuitive approach has given us something to be proud of and our customers think so too.

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Dealer Highlight

Night and Day Audio

Shane Sangster has been stocking up virtually all WyWires offerings for his impressive lineup of hifi and personal audio. We are pleased to share his space with super-premium brands Audeze, Devialet, Harbeth, and Sennheiser.…

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Customer Highlight

Red Headphone Cable user:
wanted to let you know that right out of the box I’ve heard a significant difference that I know from past experience will only get better with time…Lower registers are more detailed and still breaking …

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